Sunday, July 14, 2013

Things to Do in the Garden: July Edition

How is it mid-July already? Most of us have completed half of our required garden session hours. If you're in the garden or doing open hours, here's a helpful list of things you can do from gardener Claire Merlino. I've added some photos and links.

Deadhead roses and daylilies. As always, if you’re not sure what deadheading is, then ask another gardener. We’re all learning. The Gardeners' World website has helpful how-to instructions.

Trim the outside Columbia edge. Cut back the English ivy and Virginia creeper.

But don't trim the mint! Please don't cut the mint down. When the mint blooms, it attracts helpful pollinators.

Grape vine weaving and trimming. Stray grape tendrils waving at pedestrians can be woven in or cut back. The grapevine is woven to keep windows into the garden. If you have questions about the grapevine weaving, ask Claire or Megan.
Cut compost into small pieces. The compost is in good shape, but new material magically arrives regularly, so please help cut the stuff into smaller pieces.
Of course, there’s always the paths! The weeds are hard to keep up with once the hot weather hits, so the more that can be dug out by the roots now, the less to weed again later. (Yes, there are bricks under here.)
Dump out any standing water. Standing water attracts mosquitoes. If you see any containers with standing water
--> even if it's a small amount --> please empty it. Happy gardening!

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