Sunday, September 9, 2012

Doves and more

 While helping with the vine removal, I noticed this dove hanging. I was told that a member put these doves around the garden. I'd never seen any of them before.
But sure enough, I found another while weeding the path.

Of course, there's plenty of real wildlife in the garden, such as this black and green caterpillar

...and the bees in the marigolds.

Vine Removal Update

After vine removal on Sept. 9
A big thanks to all gardeners who helped with the ivy removal this past week, notably Robey, who painstakingly scraped off some of the most stubborn vines; Claire, who braved what looked like an impending tornado; Amy and Rob, who lent the garden their ladder, and Megan, who fought off a nest of spiders.

We're not sure when the stucco work is slated to begin on the wall, but this should make the project easier for the contractors.