Sunday, September 9, 2012

Doves and more

 While helping with the vine removal, I noticed this dove hanging. I was told that a member put these doves around the garden. I'd never seen any of them before.
But sure enough, I found another while weeding the path.

Of course, there's plenty of real wildlife in the garden, such as this black and green caterpillar

...and the bees in the marigolds.

Vine Removal Update

After vine removal on Sept. 9
A big thanks to all gardeners who helped with the ivy removal this past week, notably Robey, who painstakingly scraped off some of the most stubborn vines; Claire, who braved what looked like an impending tornado; Amy and Rob, who lent the garden their ladder, and Megan, who fought off a nest of spiders.

We're not sure when the stucco work is slated to begin on the wall, but this should make the project easier for the contractors.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

A Look at the Garden on August 26

Thanks to all of our hard work, I think the garden looks pretty great, if I do say so myself. I'm not sure what these butterflies are. Hopefully, they're beneficial. I did find some lawn grubs while I was weeding the path today.
Another photo of the butterfly. 

The formerly overflowing compost area looks great! Thanks to Sondra and other gardeners helping out with the compost!

After a few weeks of neglect, coupled with the hot weather and an insane sun-choking morning glory, pretty much everything in my plot died. But it looks OK from this angle, at least!
This nasturium pulled through in my plot.

I planted a few new flowers in my plot, just to add some color. I love these.

Adventures of the Garden Cat

Figaro stopped by today, as usual. 

I heard some barking by the gate, but he seemed unfazed. A couple was walking their dogs, a beagle and another dog (see below). They wanted to know about the cat, so I explained he's the unofficial garden cat. They said that their dogs are used to cats and were more or less saying hello. 

Figaro made a new friend. Kind of. He didn't let the dog get too close. 

 We chilled out for a little bit.
Busted! I caught him sunning himself on the table.

Alligator in the Garden!

I thought I should let everyone know that while I was weeding the garden path today, I came across an alligator.
This car, however, should be safe, since it was located several plots away.

"A Weed Is Just a Plant Out of Place"

Garden path weeding in progress.

Weeding the garden path is actually my favorite garden maintenance chore. There's something therapeutic about it. Plus, I know that everything I'm pulling out is not supposed to be there. I'm not always the best judge of that. There were a few weeds that I kept in my plot, unsure of what they were, for way too long. And then there was a plant I almost pulled up because it looked kind of spiky and weedy, but it turned out to be a beautiful purple-flowered plant I forgot I planted last year.
Every time I'm weeding, I think of a saying a landscape designer once told me: "A weed is just a plant out of place."
Grasshopper, pre-relocation.
Sara stopped by, and while weeding, we found this grasshopper. I relocated him out of harm's way.
"Bob!? Where are you? He was here a minute ago!" Second grasshopper before relocation/reunion with first grasshopper.
And soon we discovered his pal. I assumed that he or she would be looking for his or her friend, so I relocated this one as well. Hopefully they were reunited.

Important Work Day and Cookout Sunday, Sept. 9

A work day is slated to remove the ivy from a wall to prepare for upcoming construction.

Here is a note from Sara about an important work day that is coming up on Sept. 9 from 11 am-3 pm.

Last week I met with members of the Parks Department, to discuss an imminent construction project on the wall of the building adjacent to the garden on Columbia Street, that will require us to remove the ivy from that wall, and prepare plants near the wall.

We will have a work day on Sunday, September 9, from 11 am to 3 pm, to try to get the ivy removed, chopped up for compost or tied up for pick up.  We really need as many garden members as possible to attend, so we will be grilling chocolate croissants, hot dogs and veggie burgers in order to encourage you to come.  

Even if you can only help for 20 minutes, your help is greatly needed.  Please RSVP to Sara at to let me know if you can come.

And if you still need to do hours, please consider signing up for this coming Wednesday, or next Saturday or Sunday. There is a tremendous amount of compost that needs to be cut into small pieces, layered into the far left bin and watered.

Claire Merlino will be sending an email to all those who have signed up for border duty to instruct them on how to remove the ivy and prepare the plants.

Thanks so much for all your help this summer, the garden is beautiful and has been a welcome oasis to the community this summer.
See you soon!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A Look at the Garden: Early July

Yesterday morning, I had a chance to visit the garden in the morning and take some photos. Please feel free to send in your photos to post on the blog!