Friday, July 5, 2013

Thanks for Making the Tag Sale a Success!

 A very belated thank you to all of those who made the Summit Street Community Garden Tag Sale a success! We raised money for equipment, plants, the water bill and other garden expenses. 

If I leave with slightly less than I hauled down to the garden, I consider it a personal success. I couldn't resist some crochet hooks and some yarn (above). If I don't manage to make anything by next summer, expect to see my prized yarn purchase back at the sale. Somehow, I acquired five yoga mats at various press events. I could have started holding classes in my apartment. I donated two of them, and I hope they found good yogi homes.

This may have been one of my favorite random items from the tag sale.

Ashley brought some of her family's Bouldin jams, jellies and homemade pickled items. I highly recommend the blackberry jam. Stay tuned for our fall bakc and bulb sale!


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