Saturday, July 27, 2013

Path to Greatness, Day 2, and Insect Documentation

Ideally, day two of my path weeding project would follow day one a little more closely. But I weeded the paths around the boxes closest to the seating area and arbor.
While weeding, I saw two bees frolicking in these portulacas. I'm not sure if bumblebees actually frolic, but they were busy rolling around in the flowers and covering themselves in pollen.
The bees were also enjoying the basil. While weeding this area, I had a hankering for a Margherita pizza.

And maybe a Caprese salad.
I also documented some of the garden's smallest residents I unearthed, like this...millipede?
And, of course, I came across potato bugs or roly polys or pill bugs or whatever you call them. I guess they're also called woodlice. According to Wikipedia, they're sometimes kept as pets by kids. Really? I kept only lightning bugs and wooly bears in jars as a kid. Now I feel kind of bad about keeping them in jars.
Speaking of insects in containers, this beetle was in a ceramic planter. Does anyone know what it is?
After weeding for a while, I realized that it was alternating between trying to burrow into the tiny bit of soil at the bottom of the container and trying to crawl out, but falling back in. The ceramic birds looked unimpressed by its efforts. I helped it escape their judgmental looks. Perhaps this makes up for my keeping bugs in jars as a child.
 Here's another view from the path.
And here's a photo of the pre-weeded path last night.
Here's a photo of the path in progress. (Exciting, I know. Hold on to your hats!)
And here's a photo of the completed path! I still have a long way to go, so I hope this beautiful weather holds up.

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