Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Project Weed-Free Path, Day One

The very day before the company I work for semi-abruptly ceased to exist, I was weeding the garden path and thought that if I had some time off, I would weed the entire path in a few days.
Then I lost my job. And got a cold. And an eye infection. And then the heatwave struck. I've managed to spend most of my time indoors. Finally, last week, I made it to the garden early to start on my project. The funny thing about unemployment is that you don't have the time you think you'll have. My apartment is not clean. The path is still weedy. One thing is still certain: Whenever I spend time in the garden, I never leave thinking I should have done anything else. Gardening is very therapeutic. So I documented some of last week's work. I hope to return again this week to realize my weed-free path dream!

I managed to displace hundreds of ants by the gate. Sorry for the chaos, tiny garden residents.

This is the other part of the path I managed to weed before last week's blazing sun chased me out of the garden like I was Nosferatu.

 Some strawberries are ready!

I also looked for some four-leaf clovers but didn't find any. If ant colonies and grass are signs of luck, however, I should buy a lottery ticket.

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