Sunday, August 26, 2012

Important Work Day and Cookout Sunday, Sept. 9

A work day is slated to remove the ivy from a wall to prepare for upcoming construction.

Here is a note from Sara about an important work day that is coming up on Sept. 9 from 11 am-3 pm.

Last week I met with members of the Parks Department, to discuss an imminent construction project on the wall of the building adjacent to the garden on Columbia Street, that will require us to remove the ivy from that wall, and prepare plants near the wall.

We will have a work day on Sunday, September 9, from 11 am to 3 pm, to try to get the ivy removed, chopped up for compost or tied up for pick up.  We really need as many garden members as possible to attend, so we will be grilling chocolate croissants, hot dogs and veggie burgers in order to encourage you to come.  

Even if you can only help for 20 minutes, your help is greatly needed.  Please RSVP to Sara at to let me know if you can come.

And if you still need to do hours, please consider signing up for this coming Wednesday, or next Saturday or Sunday. There is a tremendous amount of compost that needs to be cut into small pieces, layered into the far left bin and watered.

Claire Merlino will be sending an email to all those who have signed up for border duty to instruct them on how to remove the ivy and prepare the plants.

Thanks so much for all your help this summer, the garden is beautiful and has been a welcome oasis to the community this summer.
See you soon!

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