Sunday, August 26, 2012

"A Weed Is Just a Plant Out of Place"

Garden path weeding in progress.

Weeding the garden path is actually my favorite garden maintenance chore. There's something therapeutic about it. Plus, I know that everything I'm pulling out is not supposed to be there. I'm not always the best judge of that. There were a few weeds that I kept in my plot, unsure of what they were, for way too long. And then there was a plant I almost pulled up because it looked kind of spiky and weedy, but it turned out to be a beautiful purple-flowered plant I forgot I planted last year.
Every time I'm weeding, I think of a saying a landscape designer once told me: "A weed is just a plant out of place."
Grasshopper, pre-relocation.
Sara stopped by, and while weeding, we found this grasshopper. I relocated him out of harm's way.
"Bob!? Where are you? He was here a minute ago!" Second grasshopper before relocation/reunion with first grasshopper.
And soon we discovered his pal. I assumed that he or she would be looking for his or her friend, so I relocated this one as well. Hopefully they were reunited.

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