Friday, June 15, 2012

Rainy Day FAQs

Since there has been so much rain this spring, here is an update of rainy day protocol!

What do you do when your shift is rained out? Obviously you don’t have to brave a thunderstorm or shower if it rains during your garden hours. If it’s cloudy, use your best judgment.

Does a rained out shift count? In the past, a rained-out session has not counted. If your slated shift is rained out, it’s suggested that you sign up for another shift to fulfill your hours. But, since gardeners have set aside time to be at the garden at the rained-out time and the weather is uncontrollable, this is up for discussion at the next few meetings. (The next meeting is July 17 at 11:30 am. Or please feel free to share input in the comments section!)

Do you still want to do your garden hours in the rain? If you still want to put in your hours, there are plenty of tasks in the sheltered area near the compost.

What do you do on damp days in the garden? Feel free to turn the compost and check for overturned chairs. Empty anything full of water to keep mosquitoes away. 

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