Saturday, June 30, 2012

How to Sign Up for Open Garden Hours

Here's a refresher from Megan about signing up for the garden hours! 
This is just a refresher for some and new instructions for others regarding the Open Hours and signing up on the google calendar. Please see the instructions below and if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me.
Regarding Google Calendar
On Wed, Sat, & Sun you will now see the "Open Hours" time listed in bold. You will NOT sign in for your hours here. Everyone will create their own event that way each of you are able to set reminders for themselves if you choose too. See new instructions below:
  1. Look at the date you want to sign up for. If someone has already created an event it will list the time, name of person & Open Hours. Please see examples on the calendar.
  2. If a name is not entered for the "Open Hours" time on that day, then double click on the day to create the event.
  3. In the Title please write "Your first name-Open Hours ".
  4. Then click off the check mark that says "All day" and edit the time to be the open hours time.
  5. Set the calendar to
  6. If you would like to set a reminder for yourself, click on "Add a Reminder" to set the time. You can manually change the time to be anything you want it to be in minutes, hours, days, weeks. You can also set the reminder to be emailed or just pop-up on your computer.
  7. When everything is set click SAVE
If you have any questions, concerns, comments please let me know.
Regarding Open Hours Sign Up
By July 15th, 2012 EVERYONE needs to have half of all their sessions completed or signed up on the calendar for me to record.
As a reminder, the amount of sessions member families need to do is listed below:
Member families without a box - Open hour requirements are 1 session, (4 hours)
Member families with a half box - Open hour requirements are 2.5 sessions, (10 hours)
Member families with a whole box - Open hour requirements are 5 sessions, (20 hours)
All hours must be signed up for on the google groups calendar. If for any reason you need to cancel your session,YOU MUST find a replacement to fill in for you.

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