Sunday, June 28, 2015

Be Careful of the Mockingbird Nest

I dropped by to look at my garden plot today and something hit me in the head. It was a bird. Specifically the bird pictured above. In this photo, the mockingbird is surveying his or her handiwork. It didn't hurt, but I was startled.
A dramatic re-creation of this morning.
As some of you know, there's a mockingbird nest in the grapevine by the Summit Street entrance. The birds are protective of their nest, so just be aware of them, and during your garden hours, alert visitors to the birds. The eggs seemed to have hatched in the past few weeks, and the birds leave the nest after about 12 days, so the newest garden residents should be flying and on their own soon. In the meantime, give them a wide berth (or risk getting sideswiped by a wing).

Here is a helpful graphic as to where you might find the angry birds, but my plot is kind of in the middle of the garden, so just be aware of them wherever you are. These birds are protective parents!


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