Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Pruning Guides


This past Weekend we had a Pruning Workshop led by Tony. I didn't get to make it personally, but I heard some good learning was had by all. Here are Tony's Links to some good pruning guides. This page can now serve as a bit of a reference when it comes to pruning. So ENJOY!

How-To prune things like GRAPES, CURRANTS, and PEACHES

How-To for PRUNING SHRUBS. and another one HERE

Here is a site for ROSE PRUNING / CARE

Here is a site for LAWN CARE

This site offers articles on PERENNIALS, FLOWERS, and many OTHER GARDENING TOPICS. New articles are added monthly

And Tony recommends this book, if your like me and enjoy reading non-fiction and love to have something you can hold in your hand and flip through. Read the book Understanding Perennials

And there you have it. Some guides to Pruning.

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